Sunday, April 3, 2011

AARP - "We Represent Profit; Members Be Damned!"

It has been a burr under my saddle for years. The AARP (for those who have never heard the full title, it is the "American Association of Retired Persons") is actually a giant service company making billions off of old persons...not off of representing them.

I notice a long time ago the fact the organization seemed really leftist in their leanings. I communicated that to them shortly after Duchess and I joined. I sought for several years to learn, from them, how they "determine" the needs of we oldsters. I have NEVER received a response to a single question I have posed to them.

Now the GOP is latching on to the fact AARP supported, endorsed and otherwise worked FOR ObamaCare....despite many, many member misgivings. The newly-minted GOP House is ON THE HUNT!

About time! I strongly suggest that those who maintain membership really pay attention to the fact YOU HAVE NO VOICE IN AARP! They do not wish to hear from you, except when they have a product to endorse/sell...or they seek your membership money.

Do not believe it? Write them an email and express an interest in how they determine what we need/want. When you get a response let me know. There will be no breath-holding here. Duchess and I dropped our membership several years back. No more of my money to develop plans to make them more money!

Wake up people....we are on fixed incomes. Support the things that protect us.


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