Wednesday, April 20, 2011

S & P Report - More Than A Shot Across The Bow!

President Obama continues to vilify all Republican proposals for correcting the MASSIVE deficit, and indeed treats it as a minor thing which he and the DEMs are "going to fix!" Of course he fails to address even rudimentary basics about HOW they will accomplish this FIX!

Here is an excellent analysis of the full S & P report by Keith Hennessey. He explains that the report is even more glum than many politicians are trying to paint it.

Obama's threats that the Ryan plan will deny care to everyone from elderly to disabled to small animals falls completely in the face of the S & P report's analysis which not only paints a sad picture of our chances of addressing the issues, but also indicates they feel that, given the frailty of conviction by our politicians, even if the problems are slated for a cure future pols elected post-agreement may decide to retreat from the solution.

Unfortunately I feel Mr. Hennessey may be entirely well as S & P's Report!

I see a lot of storm clouds in our future.....


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