Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Response: Negative! Nada! Nothing!

This is the bigger disappointment to me......The response to the S & P downgrade.

Perhaps I should have expected it....but I, for one, felt the S & P downgrade was proof-positive that we were on the wrong track. Apparently the thoughts I had were not shared by many in the political sphere!

NOT ONE of the politicos pronounced absolute amazement at the S & P announcement. Instead the reactions were along the lines of "NOT MINE!"

This country just endured its 1st-ever credit downgrade, and the reaction is an instant cacophony of blame.....NO ONE ACCEPTS THE BLAME! Everyone points a finger.

The response gives me all the information I need to know our political class is still stuck on "Me-Me!"....They have not a clue....They are lacking in the essentials for governing.

Their reaction insures that the S & P prophecy is absolutely TRUE!. We are not fighting to regain AAA......we are fighting to keep from going to AA.........

The folks in charge are still NOT SERIOUS about the problem.

2012 may provide a real time for the Tea Party to elect many more folks. Senate control/GOP...House Control/Tea Party?.....Not a dream, but a possibility!

We shall see!


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