Thursday, August 4, 2011

One Nagging Question!

The GOP, given a fairly-strong mandate (Tea Party included) in 2010, has the power to push and shove a bit....and, given the current DEM/Obama ratings, look toward 2012 as a control point.

My question then is.....WHY did they NOT open their discussion of the debt negotiations to the public????? Exposure of their game points to the DEMs? I seriously doubt that as their points were already known.

Simply doing their negotiation in public, as open as Obama had promised, would have taken away the DEM charade of actually working on a debt solution.

DEMs would have then been faced with either opening their negotiations and considerations equally, or appearing to be the opposite of their calls for such open considerations.

Independents would have known WHO was actually trying to publicly solve the problem. 2012 would have been assured....

Just my opinion.


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