Sunday, August 7, 2011


I am reminded of the film (Nemo) about fish which featured a constant chorus of sea gulls yelling "mine-mine"....but it is now in reverse! The blame game! "Yours-Yours!"

If there was any question, whatsoever about the validity of the S & P downgrade issued Friday, it has all been answered by the idiotarions-of-power (er...supposed power) in Washington. S & P said we were the victims of a legislative group which refused to face the debt problem and, in fact, instead choose gridlock!

John Kerry made his bias/lack-of-ability to negotiate/ quite apparent! & in the process became the poster-child for what is W-R-O-N-G!

The S & P is being justified by the very speeches of the pols involved. The idiots are STILL trying to blame everyone but carry forth as if they can hook the debt onto someone else.

Facts are facts folks. FOR DECADES we have piled on debt. Since Obama took office we have used Caterpillar Tractors to pile it on. JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS & FIGURES FOLKS! They are everywhere, and STILL the pols seek to blame one another.

IF WE do not adjust our expense-to-income ratio SUBSTANTIALLY.....we will face further drops in our rating!

Instead of BLAMING everyone, why not shoulder the fact we are too aggressive in our spending, and attack the spending?????

Well, because the DEMs cannot survive if they allow cuts to the "entitled" class. Even as the "entitled" class eat our country into bankruptcy!

Liberals know the tone and rhetoric....."Help the starving/under-privileged"....even as they send us into unsustainable debt!


"Stop the presses!" (I know, that was really corny!)

Folks, the pols will ignore ANY problem if it impacts their next election. We, frankly, need to elect a WHOLE LOT MORE TEA PARTY FOLK to force the pols to capitulate and decide they might lose unless they cut "entitlements" and spending of all kinds!

Sound familiar?


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