Monday, December 12, 2011

The Truth About An Absent Mate!

When you are in a relationship where you are capable of being together 24/7/365.... Duchess and I are sometimes amazed we travel for months on end in our motor home, and never tire nor get bored with being sometimes forget it is a partnership.....well, OK, sometimes I forget it is.

The current (about to end tomorrow after 43 days) time apart during her surgery/rehab/critical illness/recovery/rehab......has shown me some new things.

Just finishing a tour of the refrigerator where I discovered that the thing is not self-policing! Who knew? The open package of cheese which predated Duchess' surgery was growing a nice coating of green.

Just returned from the grocery store and am exhausted. Shopped from a list (PRIDE SHOWING!) and got all but the "fruit" which listing somehow escaped my view. I also refrained from double-buying the items I had listed, milk, 1/2 & 1/2. Discovered that when you unload the bags and place them on the kitchen counter, as I usually do, that when Duchess is not here the groceries do not put themselves away. There is also the problem of where does everything go? Currently we are a one-refrigerator family having had no time to find a replacement for the old one in the den which is our wine/beer/soda/extras refrig. It died just before Duchess went off to the hospital for surgery.

Anyway, the job was much bigger when had to do it all.

While Duchess will not be back to full speed for months, I will welcome her home. She can at least help me remember what to do, and also I will not be spending 1-2 tanks of gas weekly driving to and from the hospital/rehab.

Welcome home my have truly been missed!


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