Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Comes to An End; 2012 In The Starting Blocks

Another year comes to an Duchess & I head toward six years retired. This year has been for us a wake-up call. It is the first year when we came face-to-face with our own mortality. As those who know us are already aware, following a November 1st back surgery my Duchess came close to death's door. A massive infection and septic shock nearly claimed her.

Thank God for the folks at Tampa General Hospital! Both our former employer, and our choice for the very best in care in any critical situation, TGH is the only Level One Trauma Center on all of Florida's West Coast. It lives up to its name.

Now we have passed that terrible time, and as Duchess receives physical therapy and home health care we are marching, albeit with a walker for a few more weeks, toward recovery. The end of January will mark removal of the walker and her rigid back brace.

It will see, also, a diminishing of the BLT, not a sandwich, but the rules following back surgery....NO Bending, Lifting or Twisting.

Ahead for 2012.....well, 1st a look at the balance sheet regarding a possible upgrade to "Roadhouse", our beloved Damon Challenger motor home. It has seen us through more than 50,000 miles since retirement. Now we are considering a possible upgrade to a longer, diesel-powered coach with a few additions......walk-in-shower, washer-dryer, 2nd and/or 3rd power slide.

Our coach consideration is tied rather closely to an apparent window for the long-anticipated Alaska trip....driving across Canada to our northern-most frontier. Good friends, and parents of our son-in-law Lance, are planning to make the trip and having a 2nd RV with us would help offset the jitters about a 10,000 plus mile trip across some rough, remote country.

Well, good bye 2011.....Hello 2012.....We're here awaiting all you have to offer.....



  1. Hi Kenny, my cousins Ellen and Ray have a coach with slide out panels and walk-in shower. I have no idea what the model is. Dianne

    1. Ours is 33 feet and we are looking at longer (40) problem with ours is the combo shower/tub. Sandra has trouble getting in and out with her back problems.