Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Week In Presidential Politics.....My View!

The polls are ALL OVER THE PLACE! The fact is there are probably, at this point, at least 60% of the GOP electorate who are either undecided, or hanging on to a candidate with the possible defection to another.....

The REAL decision will be made next year early on when the primaries begin. Until then it is all a ritual dance.

As for me....I think the problem is one of where the actual voters will land.....2 schools of thought.... The revolt of the voters will continue, giving the Trump/Carson/et al folks the edge and the potential nomination; or, the voters will slowly decide they have been infatuated quite enough with the "new kids on the block", and the Rubio/Bush/Cruz/etc. experienced pols will float to the surface.

For my part, whether based upon fact or fiction, I truly believe the voters are completely in opposition to the long-term pols, and ready to g with a "newbie".....and my choice, away from the shrill Trump idiocy, is Carson....the "new Reagan" for me.

Right or wrong you know I have placed my view out there....

Enjoy kiddies!

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