Thursday, November 12, 2015

O.M.G.!!!!! It is here WAY earlier than i thought!

The students of the colleges joining the revolt....from Mizzou to Yale, and now MANY MORE!, are asking of the entire country that they get FREE education, and FREE spaces of silence and no stress, and much more!

They think, for whatever "Liberal educator" orientation, they are do many in the general population!

WE, those of us who have actually WORKED, HELD A JOB, PRODUCED INCOME and PAID TAXES!, should suddenly be responsible for the idiots in school who have learned nothing, and become leeches on society, and we need to pay for their education with them responsible for NOTHING?????

They are so far removed from reality as to be blind to anything except they are going to trigger a revolt from the folks who actually PAY for their education. Stand by Students revolting against the are about to find reality BITES....

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