Saturday, November 21, 2015

There is a Difference!

The flyers/posts/signs are rampant on Facebook.......Everyone who has an opinion is considered wrong by one group or another. They all claim some sort of moral superiority!

You are wrong for not wanting "widows & orphans" to come here.....You are wrong for opening our country to every possible jihadist!

The facts are quite simple to me.

1. The formerly-acceptable refugees (give me your tired....etc.) are NOT the same as the refugees President Obama wishes to bring here.  NO previous group came here expecting that we would conform to their ideology........THAT is not the plan for this country and never has been, and it has not been demanded by any group since we were formed!  (O.K., well, you got me on the above in the fact that apparently many of the Illegal Immigrants from Mexico and other Latin countries fully expect us to provide dual-language signs, accept them as legals, provide them with all government benefits, and a few hundred other things!)

2. Experience in Europe, and other parts of the world has shown that the Syrian/Middle East immigrants arrive presupposed to demanding WE conform to THEIR beliefs.....from Sharia Law to acceptance of regulation of our long-accepted traditions soo as to not offend the 1% they represent. I call this run-amok PC.......something each of us is becoming much more aware of (HELLO Mizzou!)

3. If we, as citizens of this great country (the phrase is losing impact daily) do not halt the slide from pride to apology.....from loving what we have been for 200 years to apology for each and every imagined slight....then this country is DOOMED!!!!!

The possibility does not scare me for myself.....I will defend myself from any harm.....but scares the hell out of me for my kids/grand kids/great grands!

Time to take back our country folks.....from the very Government itself if it is too corrupt to be a follower of our Constitution .......


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