Friday, November 27, 2015

"Fundamentaly Reform"

The words echo in my mind.....

President Obama promised to "Fundamentally Reform" this country....and he also ranted about making sure we were all covered by medical insurance as well as out of ALL wars.....

He appears to be nearing, at least, the 1st promise. He has changed our medical insurance to where only the really poor have it, and they find it impossible to use. Those who "HAD" insurance now find they either cannot afford insurance, or if they do pay for it the new deductibles are soo high the insurance will never pay for anything. Meanwhile the i nsurance exchanges set up under ObamaCare are falling like the leaves at the end of Summer!

However he is going to miss the end of all wars as his dilly-dallying, "I ain't takin the lead on nonthin!", position has brought us to a full exposure RIGHT HERE IN THE USA, to ISIS and other terrorist groups. He also is trying REAL hard to insure many refugees of Syria, some of whom carried out the France blood bath, are brought to our country.....portraying them as modern day "pilgrims!"......O.M.G.

Between the chaos he is creating here in this country, the ignorance concerning the French killings, and the avoidance of involvement in the Turkey-Russian dust up, he is leading us ever closer to WWIII......

Fundamentally Change!  Remember the words and watch as this man creates chaos in his final year. There is a reason every US agency now has a small army, and there are maneuvers in this country unlike anything ever seen before.

I fear this coming year and what the man may accomplish.

Peace may become a scarce commodity as he takes away our "safe places" by design!


p.s.....add on....My thoughts are certainly not alone...READ IT!

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