Friday, August 29, 2014

What can this President NOT destroy.......??????

Obama has left us completely out of the loop, and in a position of being committed to NOTHING as a result of Putin's current incursion into The Ukraine.......He is also leaving us as a nation bereft of any form of response to the ISIS creation of a Calliphate in Syria/Iraq.......He acts as if nothing here is his responsibility...including his display of "I did not order the removal of troops from Iraq"..... BS Mr. did and your crowing about the removal is still a matter of MANY video recordings.....

This President, were he a GOP.....would have been pilloried by the media...but strangely (yeah right) there is no chatter; no stories; no movement by this compliant media who are determined to protect our 1st "Black" (Yeah Right!) President......

Our country is in the hands of a calliphate of veteran pols who will do anything and everything to see they live on and protect THEIR places in Congress........They are not the reps of the people, but the people re-elect the names they have known. Idiots all....our electorate!

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