Sunday, August 24, 2014


Just completed the last issue of the 14th year of the hospital newsletter I do.....Outcomes In Perspective.....I retired some 8 years ago and agreed to stay on and publish the newsletter.

Several things occurred to me as I finished the issue and converted the draft version to .pdf format. the newsletter, and its delivery. My 1st edition was completed in Word. It was a bit rough around the edges and needed a lot of attention. I discovered Publisher and that changed the newsletter completely. Easy to use and quick. I worked each month to complete the newsletter, work with my boss at the hospital to edit it and then I first drove the file to the printer. Later we devised a system of sending it online. Then about 5 years ago we went on the web entirely to the site for our 5,000 doctors. Now it was in color and much more attractive. Currently the consideration is underway to drop the newsletter completely and set up a web site with links to the articles allowing our docs to pick and choose their needs and interests. Changes!

As I was completing the issue it occurred to me there were equally earth-shaking changes in the hospital and treatment and by who!!!!!  For a number of years we listed our new docs each month; welcoming them to the hospital. Today, my list of new "Medical Professionals" includes those with MD and DO and PhD.....but also some new titles....PA, CRNA, CNM, etc. As I reflected on this change it came to me that the care these new people give.....while not quite at the level of knowledge of an probably better both knowledge-wise and technically than the care we were able to offer through our MDs just a decade ago.

Isn't progress marvelous? Every day at my hospital we implant organs in people whose own have failed or nearly-so....adding months to many years to their lives. One of our transplants, recently passed.....after MORE THAN 17 years of added life due our transplant capability.

As blogger-extraordinaire Professor Reynolds often puts it......."Faster Please!"

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