Friday, January 13, 2012

S & W, Glock, & Springfield XD9

Instapundit posted on the change from the long-popular S & W .38 cal pistol to Glocks.

I stumbled onto the gun I feel goes a step further than Glock....The Springfield XD9, a 9mm pistol, also holding 16 shells + 1 in the chamber, and with a 4 inch barrel. However the Springfield solves one of the so-called Glock safety. On the Glock there is a smaller 2nd trigger located atop the primary.
Springfield XD9 - Mine is in black not olive
On the Springfield, there is also a second safety feature....a small trigger-like blade on the rear of the stock. The gun will not fire unless both the second trigger and the rear blade are depressed.

The weapon also features some other neat items; a small tab atop the barrel which slightly sticks up if there is a shell in the chamber, as well as a small round hole in the back of the slide from which a small wire extends when the gun is cocked...the two together allow you with a glance or a feel if the gun is cocked and if a shell is in the chamber.
Springfield XD9 w/case
The weapon also came with the case, two clips, a plastic belt holster, twin clip holster, a locking cable for shipping and a cleaning brush. The package was less than $500 from Bud's Guns.


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