Saturday, January 14, 2012

Captain??? How Did This Happen?

O.K., I am not a sea captain....BUT I have achieved Coxswain status with the U.S, Coast Guard Auxiliary (Vessel Commander).....I understand the facts of vessels moving in water.

HOW did a Captain of a HUGE cruise vessel manage to go aground???? The Italian sinking because of going aground hard enough to rupture the hull is amazing to me.

ANY vessel of this size has a set of equipment which should make it aware of any place where they may be located....INSTANTLY! They should know position within a few feet, depth of water, etc.

Someone Fxxxxx up in a really BIG WAY!

This should never happen in this day and age.



  1. The Captain was drinking or on drugs...wanna bet?? Dianne

  2. He ordered the boat closer in to "wave at a friend???????" This man should not be allowed in a row boat!