Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Half-a-Century progress.

A colony on the Moon?  Next step; Mars?  How long til we reach out for the stars?

Three questions asked after the USA proved to the world just how capable they were at massive efforts to achieve unbelievable goals and landed Astronauts on the face of the moon. 

That was just over 48 years ago!

And now our vaunted space agency, NASA, has been mired for the eight years of the past administration in dealing with Earthly situations....most not even remotely related to Aeronautics and Space, the middle two letters in its name. The just-departed Obama administration was quite determined to do anything but seek any "space" achievements.

Half a century later, nearing the end of my life, we have done NOTHING of any great consequence for those many years....excepting, of course, the marvelous Rovers exploration of Mars.

Time is nigh.....Mankind cannot for very long feel comfortable sitting on this island Earth with all our "eggs" in a small basket susceptible to many threats from Earth itself, and from the very space we are discussing.

Unfortunately, unless the Russians/Chinese/anybody else makes a bold move likely to give us egg-on-face, our political class will utilize our money for other purposes.....most involving nothing more than vote-buying; their bread and butter!

Sad....Such a lost potential.

Time for us to worry about mankind, not vote-buying!

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