Monday, July 28, 2014

"Look Over There At The Mountains!"

There was a time when, in my family, someone needed a distraction from being called out on some mistake or offense committed, the phrase above was used to provide distraction and cover. That now seems to be the complete line for our "President-In-Absentia!"  Obama has obfuscated, ignored, avoided, and zig-zagged so many times it is beyond pathetic. This man has taken avoidance to a new art form.

He has "pivoted" to jobs so many times I am sure he and his advisers are falling-down dizzy....He has used charges of this and that to hide his avoidance of any decision about ANYTHING!!!!

Currently we are enjoying a spirited offering of Chicken Little's famous line....converted to Obama-speak as he cries out long and loud....."They are gonna Impeach Me!!!"....all in the name of fund-raising, and avoiding any substantive media looks at Iraq; Lybia; the Ukraine, etc.

If we had a major Media which did the reporting they did when I numbered among them 40 years ago, Obama would by now have become a wart on the Axx of history!

How sad that a once-fine institution called the "Press" has deteriorated to the level of obedient lap-dogs of the Liberals in office....... 

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